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Cannabis at Fetzer’s Mendocino County

The growth of Cannabis industry at Fetzer’s Mendocino County.

Dust covers the redwood bar inside the surrendered Big Dog Saloon on a 80-acre section of land farm north of Ukiah where an acclaimed Mendocino County wine family long prior propelled a domain.

Worked in a knoll close Seward Creek with the assistance of companions exchanging sweat value for nourishment and wine, the Fetzer family's cantina was before the phase for epic tastings and freewheeling gatherings as Mendocino County fabricated its youngster wine industry.

That was about four decades back, when appointee sheriffs in Chevy Impalas and Crown Vics hustled down soil streets past the surge of the grape gather, tufts of tidy denoting their courses into the rough slopes. They'd return pulling unlawful weed plants appropriated from remote estates.

In 1999 the Fetzer family moved its wine making operation to Hopland, and the distribution centers and cantina have sat empty since.

Be that as it may, exciting days are coming back to the Redwood Valley bequest with the Cannabis economy.


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