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Stylish Entrepreneur Amy Paige of Van der Pop Cannabis Gear

Meet the woman behind the stylish Cannabis Gear design company Van der Pop.

April Pride is resting on a side road north of Little Italy in New York with a phone squeezed against her ear, telling somebody on the flip side that she needs ten-to-fifteen feet of rope. She went here for one night from her home in Seattle to have a talk about cannabis and sex at the Alchemist's Kitchen, a shop in the East Village that offers homegrown cures and herbal pharmaceuticals. In any case, she is requesting material for a sale she's working to her shop called Van der Pop in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, which offers top of the line cannabis items for ladies. It's an elusive, smooth spot situated up a few stairs above an eatery. She needs to give her customers as much protection as could reasonably be expected.

“Women don’t want to go into dispensaries,”

Pride says, noting men run many of the shops. “They find them intimidating and they’re worried they’re going to run into their kid’s teacher.”

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