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Cannabis Caviar has been popping up in cannabis stores all over the country.

What is Cannabis Caviar?

Cannabis Caviar has been around for a fairly long time, and for those who knew about it, this marijuana-based luxury was the height of extravagance. Cannabis Caviar contains more THC than regular cannabis, and only dabs will hit harder, both in terms of THC and CBD.

How do you make Cannabis Caviar?

The best strains for Cannabis Caviar are usually hybrids. Hybrid strains are created to get the best of both species; sativa and indica. Once the bud has been harvested and cured, the process can begin. By coating these buds in cannabis oil, the intensity of the bud is increased. As much of the marijuana is coated in the cannabis oil as possible, including flowers, leaves, and even stems.

The next step is to cover the oil-soaked buds in kief. Kief is a very fine powder made from dried resin glands (also known as trichomes). Kief is also referred to as crystal or pollen, and usually collects at the bottom of marijuana containers. A good way to apply the kief is to place the oil-covered bud in a bag containing the kief, and simply shake it up. You can now use your Cannabis Caviar in any way you would normally consume your bud; smoking in a spliff, packing a bong, or even using it to make cannabutter, and then using the cannabutter to make cannabis edibles.

Where can I buy Cannabis Caviar?

More and more cannabis dispensaries are beginning to stock Cannabis Caviar. Due to the extravagant nature of the product, the price is usually at the higher end of the range. Cannabis Caviar, however, is meant for those special occasions when regular bud just won’t cut it. You must have a medical marijuana card to buy Cannabis Caviar.


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