Bhang Pen

Bhang Pen

3 customers gave 4 out of 5 stars.

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About Bhang

Bhang are known for their chocolate normally, but they decided to infuse their two loves together, cannabis & chocolate. However, they also diversified more into the cannabis field, and this brought along the Bhang Pen. The Bhang Stick Pen are cartridges, which is CO2 extracted oil in either Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica form. The Duber currently stocks 6 of the most popular Bhang Oil strains, but in order to request more, please talk to our budtender who will be happy to try and source them for you.

This product are the Bhang Pen Cartridges. Bhang Pure Cartridges contain only the best quality cannabis extracts, which contain absolutely no additives, glycols, or glycerin. These pens are 65-70% potency, allowing for perfect medical dosages whenever and wherever you need them.

Bhang strains

Bhang Pen

Bhang Hybrid

Bhang Girl Scout Cookie

  • OG Kush + Durban Poison
  • Californian strain (Girl Scout Cookie Cali)
  • Smoked across the world
  • Tiny amounts will get you stoned
  • One of the best-tasting strains
  • Sativa-dominant

Bhang Pen Berry White

  • Hybrid, indica-dominant strain
  • Balanced effects
  • Helps with stress
  • Euphoric
  • Berry & Pine
  • Upbeat high

Bhang Stick Indica

Bhang Pen Diamond OG

  • Gem of an Indica strain
  • Euphoric
  • Citrus taste
  • OG Kush parentage, ensuring quality
  • Relaxing, great for stress

Bhang Grand Daddy Purple

  • Famous indica-dominant strain
  • Californian Strain
  • Floaty, dreamy buzz
  • Good for pain, stress, insomnia & appetite loss

Bhang Stick Sativa

Bhang Lemon Haze

  • Zesty, lemony flavors
  • Potent strain, known mainly for taste
  • Strong sativa effects, great for getting creative
  • Happy, uplifting

Bhang Sour Diesel

  • Legendary Sativa strain
  • Cerebral high
  • Pungent, diesel-like aroma
  • Energizing
  • Stress & Depression melt away
  • Very high THC

How to pick your cartridge

Picking your cartridge with Bhang is simple, as they only have two of each types. Follow the guide below to understand better which is best for you.

  • Sativas are for a cerebral high. Mainly this will affect your mind and will give you bursts of energy, creative and physical. It's normally better to smoke these strains in the day, and they will help with more severe symptoms or conditions such as depression. A good example would be the Sour Diesel strain. This would be for those who can handle their smoke, and is not recommended for beginners. Heavy Hitters Sativa stains are all very potent.

  • Indicas are more for the body, and often induce what is known as couch lock. Indicas are much better for nighttime use, and will induce sleep and will help with relaxing & stress. An example of a Heavy Hitters Indica strain would be the Blueberry strain, which is also a great taster.

  • Hybrids can lean either way. They will either by Sativa-dominant or Hybrid-dominant. Think of a hybrid like the middle of a see-saw, and depending on far you move to one side or the other, is how strong the strain is on either the sativa or hybrid side. Hybrids mean that you can have both the overwhelmingly heady effects of a sativa, mixed with the relaxing, euphoric body highs of an indica. We'd recommend trying the Bhang Girl Scout Cookies, which is a legendary strain.

Bhang Pen FAQS

Bhang Stick Battery

The Bhang Stick battery works with most 510 thread batteries, Recently Bhang improved their hardware, and the pens are now leak-resistant, glue-free, and utilizes glass and metal components for the best possible experience. These pens are compatible with most 510 thread batteries, but Bhang recommends their battery.

How to use Bhang Stick

Warm your vape oil. Bhang Private Reserve and Pure oils are 100% cannabis oil so the oil is thick! To get it to flow downward toward the heating coils in the cartridge, you may need to warm it for a minute or two before using. Just hold it tightly in your hand until it reaches room temperature or very quickly blow warm air from a blow dryer onto the cartridge. (You can also pre-heat the oil with our Push-Button Vape Pens via the pre-heat setting.)

What is the shelf life of the Bhang Pen?

Bhang cartridges do not have a shelf life. However, THC and CBD, like any naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, can lose potency over time. To ensure the best, longest life of your cartridge, we suggest using it immediately, and when not in use, storing your cartridge in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

3 customers gave an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

4/5 stars

Decent product

Reviewed by Anthony on: 04/26/2018 5:32 p.m.

This is more of a personal preference thing to be honest, but I have recently gotten into these vape concentrate products and I'm currently shopping around for my perfect one. I thought this mght be it, and ordered one of the sativas straight away. Unfortunately I was again dissappointed, and my search for the perfect vape continues. I didn't particularly like the flavor of this product, and the high was decent but not really what I was looking for either.

4/5 stars

bhang stick review

Reviewed by Andrew on: 03/10/2018 5:32 p.m.

I love bhang's chocolate, so when i heard they started making cartridges I had to give them a try. They had a decent choice of concentrates, but some companies have way more. Their strains are apparently grown themselves to order by a private company, so I was expecting a lot from this product, Unfortunately i was very dissappointed. The high itself was fine, and left me feeling almost euphoric. Top marks for that then. However, concentrates flavors are almost as important as the high itself, and I felt like these pens had some very unwanted chemicals inside. If you're just looking to get blazed, and say 'fuck it' to the flavor, then I'd recommend you pick this pen up. However, if you don't like concentrates which are potential filled with unwanted chemicals, i'd give this one a definite miss. The choice is yours!

4/5 stars

Great high

Reviewed by Robert on: 11/15/2019 5:32 p.m.

Damnnnnn dude I feel completely zonked after that one. I boguht the Bhang Jack Herer which is one of my favorite sativa strains. Not only did it taste like jack herer it also felt like jack herer but on crack. It's a massively sativa strain, which is my favorite type of strain. This honestly felt like a stronger version of my my favorite strain. This is a definite plus for me, and I'll definitely be buying this again in the future. Delivery was reasonably quick and the guy was very friendly.