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Colorado Fights for Cannabis

The battle of Colorado allowing Cannabis for PTSD.

In 2009, Matthew Kahl of the 101st Airborne Division returned stateside from his initially battle sending. In Afghanistan he had seen firsthand the bloodletting of blasts set off in swarmed road markets. Back on base at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, he attempted to put those recollections behind him. Be that as it may, echoes of wartime still spooky him as he as he crawled through the grocery store.

He advanced through the market with his back to the paths' racks, watching out for the clamor. Youngsters meandered behind their moms, now and then screeching or crying. Kahl couldn't stand the crying.

At that point an idea hit him, coursing through his body hit him like an electric current: These individuals will bite the dust. His eyes dashed around the fluorescent-lit store as the fear developed. Will see them all kick the bucket, he thought. Any moment now.

Get to know how Colorado is fighting for the benefits of Cannabis.


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