Alpine Live Resin Cartridge


Alpine Live Resin Cartridge

3 customers gave 4 out of 5 stars.

Alpine Live Resin Cartridge

Provide the relief you are looking for from your favorite herb, in a vape form. This product is made by Alpine Vapor. Each product is hand-crafted with "sun-grown" cannabis and is then distilled in a completely solventless process. These Alpine Live Resin Cartridges are bursting with natural flavor, and often test at over 72% THC. This makes them perfect for those who want both purity and power.

Alpine Live Resin How to use

In order to have the most optimal experience with the Alpine Vapor Live Resin cartridge, we recommend the following:


-Set the battery to 3.7V or lower. -This cartridge does not work with box mod batteries. (This is because of a safety feature built-in by the manufacturer.)

-Take short 1-2 second draws to start; this allows the resin to fully saturate the wick. -Once the wick has been saturated, take a 3-5 second draw. -Enjoy the Alpine Live Resin experience.


We offer the following Alpine Live Resin strains, including a lot of OG strians:

Alpine Live Resin

Alpine Live Resin Indicas

Alpine Live Resin True OG

  • True OG is an indica strain,
  • bred from OG Kush
  • has very mellow body relaxant effects
  • Great for relaxing/stress busting

Alpine Live Resin Skywalker

  • Skywalker is an indica-dominated hybrid
  • blueberry flavors
  • Tasty strain
  • Known for its indica-dominant effects
  • Know around the world

Alpine Live Resin Northern Lights

  • Body high
  • very relaxing
  • leaves the mind to wonder
  • It helps with depression and stress.

Alpine Live Resin Sativas

Alpine Live Resin Super Silver Haze

  • exceptionally strong
  • Sativa with uplifting effects
  • predominantly a cerebral high
  • perfect for a day of activity.

Alpine Live Resin Jack Herer

  • popular Sativa strain
  • comes from Amsterdam
  • potent sativa
  • with some hints of indica effects
  • making it a perfectly rounded high.

Alpine Live Resin Tangie

  • Bred in Amsterdam originally
  • Sought-after for its citrus smell and taste
  • Cross between Cali Orange and Skunk
  • Provides a relaxing, euphoric but potent high

Alpine Live Resin Hybrids

Alpine Live Resin Gorilla Glue

  • Developed by GG strains, very potent
  • Flavorful
  • Euphoric, relaxing feeling
  • Named for its couch lock effects
  • Helps to treat anxiety, stress, etc.
  • Resinous buds, making them also tasty

Alpine Live Resin OG Kush

  • Infamous for its indica-dominant effects
  • Great nighttime strain
  • Will induce sleep
  • Great tasting
  • Also can induce euphoria
  • Busts stress quicker than a stress ball

Alpine Live Resin Girl Scout Cookie

  • OG Kush + Durban Poison
  • Californian strain (Girl Scout Cookie Cali)
  • Smoked across the world
  • Tiny amounts will get you stoned
  • One of the best-tasting strains
  • Sativa-dominant

Alpine Live Resin CBD

Alpine Live Resin Harlequin

  • Harlequin is a 75/25 Sativa dominant strain
  • renowned for its CBD content
  • descendant of Colombia Gold
  • clear head but also with alert, sativa effects.

Alpine Live Resin Harle-tsu

  • bred by Humboldt Seed Collective
  • high CBD content
  • a cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami
  • 20:1 CBD to THC content
  • perfect choice for MMJ patients

Alpine Live Resin Cannatonic

  • created hybrid strain bred by Resit Seeds
  • designed specifically to have a low THC content
  • high CBD content
  • Fantastic medical strain

How to pick your cartridge

In order to pick your cartridge, you must first ask yourself the most important question: why do I want to smoke? If you're looking for something to help take the edge off a long day, then you want either an Alpine Live Resin indica or an indica-heavy hybrid. This will help with mind & body unwinding, and you'll be hard-pressed to find better than Alpine Live Resin Cartridges' Skywalker or OG Kush strains for this very purpose. Sit back and relax with some of the finest tasting and purest concentrates on the market.

If you're looking for something a little more upbeat, or to help with harder to treat conditions such as depression or chronic pain, then you'll probably want to try the Jack Herer cartridges instead. Tangie for taste and Super Silver Haze for potency, but somewhere in the middle sits Jack Herer. A perfect strain combined with purity and you can't go wrong. Any of the Alpine Live Resin Sativas will help, though!

Finally, if you're looking for purely medical without the high, you'll want to pick yourself up a CBD cartridge. Any of the CBD cartridges would make a fine choice, and you can pick the ratio according to your needs.

The Vaping Experience

The vaping experience is thought to be vastly superior to that of smoking the cannabis flower, bonging, piping etc. Why do people vape, exactly? The main reason is that it doesn't have the negative health connotations which are associated to many other different methods of smoking cannabis. When you burn the plant material, it produces toxins, which are inhaled alongside the medicine. This is especially true with a product such as Alpine Live Resin, as they are completely pure cartridges.


Store at room temperature away from excessive heat and sunlight. Do not leave in your car. Keep upright when storing for extended periods of time.

Customer Reviews

3 customers gave an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

4/5 stars

cartridge leaked a lil bit

Reviewed by David on: 07/16/2018 5:32 p.m.

I was really enjoying my first week of the alpine live resin cartridge, as i bought an indica and was using it not only to get to sleep, but then also to help me stay asleep for the duration of the night. This was great, but I keep my vape cartridge and battery on the nightstand, and in the night it fell to the floor. I really was expecting it to be a bit more robust to honest. For the price, it should really be smashing quite a lot just for a small drop. I understand this is my mistake, but it's really dissappointing and they could easily make it with a slightly more robust type of glass or plastic. Other than that the tatse was great and the effects are potent enough to give me symptom relief. The price is good and delivery was pretty swift.

4/5 stars

My physical therapist turned me on to Al

Reviewed by John on: 05/14/2018 10:17 p.m.

My physical therapist turned me on to Alpine.

I was hanging out after a PT session and noticed a cartridge on the desk and asked if she smoked. She said she vaped alpines and that I should give it a try.

It's not my favorite but it's a great high quality pull.

4/5 stars

good taste

Reviewed by William on: 06/13/2018 5:32 p.m.

I'm all about the taste, and sometimes you get those cartridges filled with other stuff which taste horrible. Thankfully, I managed to find alpine live resin cartridges on google, and ordered some from the duber. They came the same day, and the guy was very nice who delivered the products to me. He explained that I would also need to buy a battery, in order to smoke the cannabis oil. Although I didn't like spending more money, this made sense to me, and as I really wanted to test the cannabis oil for my arthritis, i gave it a shot. The driver told me i should try an indica first, and then if it didn't give me the pain relief i was looking for, i should then try a sativa. This sounded like good logic to me, and i got one of each. I found that the indica did provide pain relief, but it wasn't enough.When i tried the sativa instead i felt way too energetic and could hardly sleep. I came up with the idea of having the indica and nighttime to help me sleep, and the sativa during the day to help me through the day. What a great idea! This has been working well for me now for about 1 week, and i still have a decent amount of the cannabis oil left. Can't complain about this at all, and I'd recommend this product to you!

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